The Auditing Process. Streamlined.

The Audit Box is the software for tracking, enforcing vendor contract compliance, and reporting on procurement activities.

Audit Data
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Automate Contract Compliance



You need visibility

As a Procurement Professional, you know you need to audit your invoices but it is very time-consuming and complicated across various procurement categories.

You need a solution that can help you audit your suppliers efficiently:

Cost Management

Supplier Diversity Analytics

Contract Compliance

Supplier Performance

Service Quality

Enhance Cash Flow

Know the answers to your supplier performance.


Fuel Category Features

Give You Control of YOUR Data

Source and store all your tank level readings, fuel transactions into your vehicles, control you communications network independently from your fuel supplier. This mechanism eliminates the supplier telling you how much fuel you should be billed for on an invoice.

Real-Time Tracking

Ability to track fuel deliveries in real-time to know exactly when and where fuel is delivered, and in what quantity.

Inventory Management

Provides real-time updates on fuel inventory levels, enabling businesses to manage and optimize their fuel stocks.

Stop having little visibility into your vendor purchasing and start being in control

Now Is the Time to Stop Having:

Frustration, unreconcilable costs, lack of vendor accountability

Identify your vendor errors proactively to avoid cash payments on non-compliant invoices. Scorecard your vendors to determine your true costs of managing poor invoicing practices by vendors. Send the message to your supply chain that your procurement organization is world class and must be serviced at the highest standards.

Know your inventory asset quantities and values at all times. Gain operational insights into inventory related risks on production. Inform leadership on real time inventory when facing a sudden change in the marketplace (like a hurricane, COVID-19, or alike).
Eliminate over budget dollars that are not reconcilable quickly and in a data-automated manner.