Fuel Supply

It’s Time to
Own Your Data

The Audit Box is the software for tracking and reporting that allows you to gain independence from supplier-driven reports and start making informed decisions with your own data








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The Problem

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We recognize the aggravation that comes with managing a complex supply chain, especially when it feels like you’re in the dark about potential efficiencies and smarter spending opportunities. That’s precisely the reason behind the creation of The Audit Box.

The Audit Box leverages Multi-asset and Multi-location Models, allowing it to analyze the exact data your suppliers see. As a result, you gain access to precise, up-to-the-minute reports, empowering you to make well-informed decisions

As a Supply Chain Manager, you are extremely busy with many procurement projects going on at the same time. You know that you need to audit your fuel suppliers but it is very time-consuming.

You need to have accurate data

  • Cost Management
  • Compliance
  • Service Quality
  • Cost Source
  • Supplier Performance


Real-Time Tracking

Ability to track fuel deliveries in real-time to know exactly when and where fuel is delivered, and in what quantity.

Inventory Management

Provides real-time updates on fuel inventory levels, enabling businesses to manage and optimize their fuel stocks.

Billing & Cost Analysis

Analysis of all billing data, including price per unit, total cost, taxes, etc., to ensure that there are no discrepancies and that you're being charged correctly.

Supplier Performance Reports

Ability to generate detailed reports on supplier performance, including delivery times, quality, service levels, and pricing, enabling you to compare suppliers and negotiate better terms.


The software is able to integrate with other enterprise systems, such as ERP or financial management systems, to streamline processes and data flow.

User-friendly Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard that displays key metrics, alerts, and reports to allow for quick decision-making.

Customizable Reporting

Ability to customize reports according to business needs.